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Why and How Biological Recycling Works

Most self-proclaimed experts, besieged by questions, are baffled. To get you out of their faces because they can't solve your problems, they will tell you these failures are normal; your system has fulfilled its life or it is too small. So you should dig it up or tear it out, and replace it with a bigger system. It will become an even bigger failure. This is somewhat like telling a child sick from eating green apples to eat more green apples to get well.

Genuine experts know better. Here are the facts: Waste systems must receive adequate colonies of ALL the required types of digesting micro-organisms, or undigested particles build up and putrefy into foul smelling blockage that chokes systems into failures.

Today's food choices, processing and preservation cause an insufficient and unbalanced supply of natural 'recyclers' to enter systems. Deodorant soaps, detergents, toothpaste, mouthwash, cleansers, disinfectants, antibiotics are chemical products designed to kill germs. They also weaken and kill 'recyclers' in your system.

Natural laws and physics make it impossible for any chemical, enzyme or machine to eliminate waste buildup.

Chemicals may melt or liquefy some waste to give temporary relief, then combined with the waste harden into worse blockage. If they can't make an opening, they lie there damaging your plumbing. You can pump a septic tank, but leach field build-up can't be pumped out.

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Machines and cables only poke through to rearrange some of the buildup, which soon closes back together and gives you more stoppages. Physical and mechanical limitations make it impossible to 'razor clean' to the bare walls, as some claim. New buildup occurs quickly on waste left on facility or pipe walls.

Pumping grease traps, septic tanks or hauling tons of waste from lagoons and treatment plants requires dumping it to pollute elsewhere.

Enzymes cannot digest solids. Without sufficient bacterial digestion to follow, enzyme separated wastes move along to recongeal and usually create worse problems. That is why the use of 'free enzymes' is illegal in some jurisdictions. BIO-SURE's 'recyclers' produce their own special enzymes, the exact ones they use to recycle so dramatically.

Natural recyclers must be scientifically enhanced to meet today's demands. BIO-SURE contains proprietary safe, friendly cultures. Yogurt and other foods are produced by the help of other types. High-tech BIO-SURE digesters are produced under laboratory control for count and quality.

Each type of waste component requires a particular type of enzyme-producing micro-organism to digest it. As a bacterium meets a compound of waste types, it excretes its own special type of enzyme (catalyst) to separate out the type of solids it feeds on. As each digesting type changes waste, it passes the changed parts among others until the waste is reduced to soda water (H2O and CO2) and soil nutrients. This flows away to leave a clean system with billions of recycling colonies in place to continue activity. We don't just  burn, melt or rearrange some of the failure buildup. Our bio-remediation ELIMINATES ALL of it to RESTORE then PREVENT the cause of failures in even inaccessible parts of your system. Eliminate and prevent the cause – and you eliminate the problems.

As BIO-SURE recyclers contact chemicals intermixed with their food supply (waste), they attack with enzymes to neutralize the chemicals so they can feed. Many are killed. Our loss replacement application technique was developed to replace early losses until their exponential multiplication rate becomes greater than their losses. This technique and our unique product produce complete results others are afraid to claim. And, BIO-SURE's recycling is environmentally beneficial. Since our 'recyclers' reproduce and multiply, you get many times more working for you than you pay for.

BIO-SURE can restore to work like new again most root-free unbroken systems for less than the cost of one service call or one pumping. Then you and BIO-SURE can PREVENT troubles return for pennies a week.


BIO-SURE is non-poisonous – fumeless – safe – environmentally friendly.
It is beneficial for homes, businesses, institutions and municipalities

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